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I hope this helps everyone find my Olympic Slash a little easier.

Everything is also now available at Archive of Our Own (along with my fictional person fic which includes: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Blood and Chocolate, Twilight, Queer as Folk, and a TON of Teen Wolf)

Below you'll find a list of quick links to all of my fiction arranged by fandom. Also my various fanfic series are grouped in easy to navigate lists, shown in the order they should be read. Independent stories are spaced separately. Stories with more than one part are linked together, with the number of parts listed beside a link to part 1.

Diving Fic - all David Boudia/Nick McCrory
Not Never and Always Series (NC-17) (complete)
1) Not Never Again
2) Always Again

Figure Skating Fic
Deserving It (PG-13) Johnny Weir & Evan Lysacek (Gen Fic)

Short Track Fic - all JR Celski/Apolo Anton Ohno
A Character Primer, or Why JR/Apolo works perfectly and is obviously the OTP for short track fans everywhere

A Little Time for Celebration (NC-17)
A Little Time for Revenge (NC-17)

Apolo Anton Ohno, Asshole (PG-13)

The Art of Falling (PG-13)

The Best Laid Plans for Getting Apolo Laid (NC-17)

Catching Forty (PG-13)

Decisions, Decisions Series (never complete)
A multi-part series beginning in Sochi and going far into the future. The number of stories included became so long it earned it's own master post. (Ratings range from PG to NC-17)

JR/Apolo Drabbles
01-25   26-50    51-75   76-100
Broken (5 Drabble Series)

How Much Is Too Much? (NC-17) (6 parts)

In the Closet (not a coming out story) (NC-17)

Invincible (PG-13)

It's a Little Bit Complicated (NC-17) (2 parts)

It's Just a Little Crush (PG-13)

The Let Go (NC-17) 2 parts)

Liar Liar (NC-17) (2 parts)

Night at the Museum (PG-13)

Reunion (PG-13)

Say it Again (NC-17)
Say it Again Coda: Shell-Shocked (PG-13)

This is How it Was (PG-13)
This is How it Was 2: Under the Covers (NC-17)

Swimming Fic - Miscellaneous Pairings
AER (Aaron/Eric/Ricky) Series (NC-17, Aaron Peirsol/Eric Shanteau/Ricky Berens)
AER 1 - Live, Laugh, and Love at the Boat House
AER 2 - It's Only For a Year (4 parts)
AER 3 - When the Right Mood Strikes
AER 4 - Ok? Ok.

Different Ways to Come Back (NC-17) Nathan Adrian/Ryan Lochte, Ryan Lochte/Michael Phelps

LN4 (NC-17) Michael/Phelps/Ryan Lochte, Nathan Adrian/Brendan Hansen

Retirement Pile-Up (NC-17) Orgy!Fic (Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Eric Shanteau, Ricky Berens, Matt Grevers, Nathan Adrian, Brendan Hansen, Aaron Peirsol, Cullen Jones, Nick Thoman, Conor Dwyer, Anthony Ervin)

The Right One (PG-13) Michael Phelps/Allison Schmitt

The Secret Santa Shoes (PG-13) Ricky Berens/Ryan Lochte

Who Knew (NC-17) Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte/Allison Schmitt

Swimming Fic - Phlochte Fics
A Character Primer, or Why Ryan/Mike works perfectly and is obviously the OTP for swimming fans everywhere

Any Better Than This (PG-13) Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte

It's 3:30 in the morning and I feel good (NC-17) Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte

Phlochte Drabbles (PG-13 - NC-17, Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte)
01-12     13-25    26-37     38-50
51-63     64-75    76-89     90-100

Scratched (NC-17) Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte

Charm Series (NC-17, Ryan Lochte/Michael Phelps/OFC)
1 - Third Times the Charm (NC-17) (6 parts)
2 - Prince Charming Times Two (NC-17) (2 parts)

Trials and Tribulations (PG-13) Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte

Vice Versa (PG-13) Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte

Swimming/Short Track Crossover Fic
Jump On In (NC-17) (Diving AU) Apolo Ohno/Michael Phelps, Apolo Ohno/JR Celski

Retirement, Boyfriends, and Sex, oh my! (NC-17) Apolo Ohno/JR Celski & Ryan Lochte/Michael Phelps

Skinsuits and Swimsuits Series Nathan Adrian/JR Celski (incomplete)
A multi-part series beginning in late summer 2010 and going forward into the future. The number of stories included became so long it earned it's own master post. (Ratings range from PG-13 to NC-17) The Series is primarily JR/Nathan focused, however it also features JR/Apolo Ohno, Nathan/Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps/Multiple Male Swimmers, and Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte.

Swimming/Short Track/Snowboarding/Figure Skating Crossover Fic
Gold Medal Club Series (NC-17, Evan Lysacek/Michael Phelps/Apolo Ohno/Shaun White)
1) Joining the Club
2) Going for Gold


Michael Phelps/OFC - London Olympics

SS&SS 8 - January 2013

Make a Choice, Fight For It (working title) - JR/Apolo Sochi Olympics (1/4 finished, on temporary hold, 7,900 words)

JR/AAO - Experimental fic

JR/AAO - Newlywed Game - Decisions!Verse

Short Track Fic - Simon Cho (on hiatus)

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