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Title: Prince Charming Times Two
Pairing: Michael/Cathy/Ryan
Series: The Charm Series, follows Third Times the Charm
Summary: It’s Ryan’s idea. His plan for how the three of you should celebrate your fourth year as a committed trio. You think it’s silly, and childish, and AMAZING, so you decide to just go with it. That’s how you roll now. Young at heart and always up for some good old fashioned family fun, you know, even when you’re in a semi-publicly polygamous marriage, and constantly under scrutiny by the press.
Author’s Note: Fic for missesbean on her birthday. They’re her favorite pairing of mine. Sorry it’s so unforgivably late. No. Like over a YEAR late. Her birthday has come around TWICE since I started this for her.

Prince Charming Times Two )
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Title: Third Time’s the Charm
Pairing: Michael Phelps/OFC, Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte, Ryan Lochte/Kyle Deery (implied)
Fandom: Swimming
Warnings: Graphic Het and Slash
Summary: You love Michael and he loves you. But, Michael loves Ryan too... So what’s a girl to do?
Authors Note: Fairly self indulgent sap in parts. But I was encouraged by D and C to post. It did take like 6 months to finish. All comments are welcome.

Read Part 1/6 ) 

Also posting this is kind of a Happy Birthday present to myself, for FINALLY finishing it! :D


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