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Title: It's Hard to Do...
Pairing: JR Celski/Nathan Adrian
Series: Skinsuits and Swimsuits
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Four months have gone by since the 2012 London Olympics. And not for the better

It's Hard to Do... )

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Title: Golden London
Pairing: JR Celski/Nathan Adrian
Series: Skinsuits and Swimsuits
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nathan’s made the London 2012 Olympic Team. JR goes to London to support him. But two years into their relationship there are issues and tension growing under the surface that have to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Golden London )

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Title: Love's First Light
Pairing: JR Celski/Nathan Adrian
Series: Skinsuits and Swimsuits
Rating: NC-17
Summary: JR’s on his stomach, body curled toward him, sheets pushed down to his waist to expose his whole back. His hair is getting too long, and it’s messy, sticking up in odd angles, thick tuffs clumped together in various directions like some demented cartoon character. His eyes are closed, his brow smooth and flawless, and his lips open just a bit, to let him breathe easily through his mouth. He’s beautiful. He’s gorgeous. And Nathan’s in love with him.
Author’s Note: My Christmas Present for D. My Twin! You’re amazing!

Loves First Light )
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Skinsuits and Swimsuits Series
This is a series featuring Short Track skater JR Celski and Swimmer Nathan Adrian. It spans several years. It covers first kisses, tattoos, break-ups, make-ups, gold medals, and crushing defeats. And  it won't be over for a while. So hold on tight.

(Best if read in the order listed here)

Skinsuits and Swimsuits (NC-17) (5 parts) JR Celski/Nathan Adrian

One Night to Remember (NC-17) (prequel) Nathan Adrian/Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, Bed Hopper Extraordinaire, or Not... (NC-17) (3 parts, prequel) Michael Phelps/Multiple Swimmers

Second Hand Calories (PG-13) JR Celski/Nathan Adrian

Love's First Light (NC-17) JR Celski/Nathan Adrian

WIP - London Olympics - JR Celski/Nathan Adrian taking place in August 2012
WIP - Post Olympics - JR Celski/Nathan Adrian taking place in December 2012
WIP - JR Celski/Nathan Adrian taking place in January 2012
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Title: Second Hand Calories
Pairing: Nathan Adrian/JR Celski
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Short Track Speedskating/Swimming
Series: Skinsuits and Swimsuits
Summary: It’s not like JR is trying to be mean. He’s not trying to torture Nathan. Nathan stares hard at the TV, ignoring his boyfriend, sitting just inches away enjoying his bowl of creamy melty sugary sweet ice cream.
Author’s Note: This is all 100% D’s fault. Period.

Second Hand Calories )
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Title: Michael Phelps, Bed Hopper Extraordinaire, or Not…
Pairing: Michael Phelps/Numerous Male Swimmers including but not limited to: Eric Shanteau, Cullen Jones, Aaron Peirsol, Eamon Sullivan, and Ryan Lochte
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Michael has developed a certain mystique. A certain reputation. And he’s not all that interested in correcting most people’s assumptions.
Series: A spin-off of the “Skinsuits and Swimsuits” Series. But it can be read alone.
Author’s Note: Written because I had made him into a swim-slut, and I just HAD to fix it! Ideas and encouragement provided by C and D, as always. There are a few timeline inconsistencies that really bothered me once I noticed them, but the average reader probably won’t pick up on them.

Part 1/3 )
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Title: One Night to Remember
Pairing: Nathan Adrian/Michael Phelps
Genre: Swimming
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Extra Scene from Skinsuits and Swimsuits. Nathan’s “one really good night with Michael” described in part four.
Author’s Note: requested by [ profile] table_slushie and seconded by C (who is a TOTAL enabler!).

One Night to Remember )
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Title: Skinsuits and Swimsuits
Pairing: JR Celski/Nathan Adrian
Genre: Short Track/Swimming Crossover Fiction
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When JR goes to Berkeley to start the next phase of his life, he’s not expecting to fall in love for Mr. Tall Dark and Swimmy.
Author’s Note: Written because they’re both cute, and smart, and would be good together. Oh and the coincidences kept springing up until the bunny wouldn’t go away. Thanks to D and C for both: reading, rereading, letting me bounce ideas off of them, oh, and encouraging me to write fic instead of doing homework.

Skinsuits and Swimsuits 1/5 )


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