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Title: It's Hard to Do...
Pairing: JR Celski/Nathan Adrian
Series: Skinsuits and Swimsuits
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Four months have gone by since the 2012 London Olympics. And not for the better

It's Hard to Do... )

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Title: Golden London
Pairing: JR Celski/Nathan Adrian
Series: Skinsuits and Swimsuits
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nathan’s made the London 2012 Olympic Team. JR goes to London to support him. But two years into their relationship there are issues and tension growing under the surface that have to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Golden London )

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Title: Reunion
Pairing: Apolo Ohno/JR Celski
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Apolo attends the 2014 Olympic US Speedskating Short Track Trials.

Reunion )
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Title: Provocation and Motivation
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jamie Benn/Tyler Sequin
Summary: Tyler is not so good at following orders, and really good at catching Jamie's attention.
Author’s Note: For Missesbean, who asked really really nicely. I can barely ever say no. I don't watch Hockey. I don't follow Hockey. Missesbean had to spam me with gifs/pics/vids/articles about these two so I could write them. I hope I did them justice. Sorry if I goofed on anything! Go read Missesbean's fic next. She writes a LOT of hockey stuff! :D

Provocation and Motivation )
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Title: The Penalty of Love
Pairing: Tyler Seguin/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Who wants a little penalty box make-up sex? Anyone? Anyone?
Author’s Note: I don't watch hockey. I've never been to a hockey game. I know next to nothing about the game. Or about Tyler Seguin. This was written for missesbean, because she's awesome and she asked nicely. Also I owe her like 8 month late birthday fic, so this is a place holder until I get THAT done. I hope I didn't screw anything up to bad.

The Penalty of Love )
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Title: Ok? Ok.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: AER
Summary: After London Ricky’s not sure if swimming is for him anymore. It takes a while to figure it out. But when he is sure he’s really sure.

Ok? Ok. )

I DID IT! 50,525 words posted in November for NaNoWriMo 2013! *does a dance*
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Title: Prince Charming Times Two
Pairing: Michael/Cathy/Ryan
Series: The Charm Series, follows Third Times the Charm
Summary: It’s Ryan’s idea. His plan for how the three of you should celebrate your fourth year as a committed trio. You think it’s silly, and childish, and AMAZING, so you decide to just go with it. That’s how you roll now. Young at heart and always up for some good old fashioned family fun, you know, even when you’re in a semi-publicly polygamous marriage, and constantly under scrutiny by the press.
Author’s Note: Fic for missesbean on her birthday. They’re her favorite pairing of mine. Sorry it’s so unforgivably late. No. Like over a YEAR late. Her birthday has come around TWICE since I started this for her.

Prince Charming Times Two )
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Title: When the Right Mood Strikes
Pairing: Ricky Berens/Eric Shanteau/Aaron Peirsol
Rating: NC-17
Series: AER Series, #3 in the series following Live, Laugh, and Love at the Boat House, and It's Only For a Year
Summary: Ricky has amazing news, Eric is in a very rare mood, and Aaron is, as always, late to the party. Set during Summer 2012 during Olympic Trials.
Author Notes: Started DURING Oly Trials 2012, so it took me a year and a half to finish. YAY for NaNoWriMo!
Author Notes: It's basically porn.

When the Right Mood Strikes )
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Title: The Art of Falling
Pairing: Apolo Ohno/JR Celski
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Teaching AU: JR Celski just graduated from college. Bakersfield Elementary is his first full-time teaching position. Apolo is… unexpected.
Author’s Note: Because it had to be written. Ideas and encouragement provided by C and D. Happy Birthday, D! Hope you like it.

The Art of Falling )
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Title: GMC2 – Going For Gold
Pairing: Evan Lysacek/Michael Phelps/Apolo Ohno/Shaun White
Rating: NC-17
Series: Gold Medal Club 2, sequel to Joining the Club
Summary: The GMC isn’t about to miss out on Michael Phelps becoming the Greatest Olympian of All Time. Set during the London Olympics 2012.

Going For Gold )
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Title: Tie-Dye and Paisley Print (aka: the Bandana!Fic)
Pairing: Apolo Ohno/JR Celski
Series: Decisions Decisions
Author’s Note: Completely, 100% J’s fault! Freaking BANDANA!FIC!?
Warning: mild bondage
Summary: Apolo has a lot of bandanas. Like a lot a lot. Not just a bunch, like JR's mother has rooster plates, or his dad has Seahawk hats. but a LOT.

Tie-Dye and Paisley Print )
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Title: The Secret Santa Shoes
Pairing: Ricky Berens/Ryan Lochte
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ryan gives Ricky a pair of interesting shoes (see picture below the cut) for his Secret Santa present. Enough said.
Author’s Note: Written for missesbean for her Christmas present. Thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration. I wouldn’t write half the things I do if it weren’t for you. Merry Christmas.
Author's Note 2: The shoes that inspired this fic were created by a very talented artist whose work (including the shoes) can be found here.

The Secret Santa Shoes )
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Title: Love's First Light
Pairing: JR Celski/Nathan Adrian
Series: Skinsuits and Swimsuits
Rating: NC-17
Summary: JR’s on his stomach, body curled toward him, sheets pushed down to his waist to expose his whole back. His hair is getting too long, and it’s messy, sticking up in odd angles, thick tuffs clumped together in various directions like some demented cartoon character. His eyes are closed, his brow smooth and flawless, and his lips open just a bit, to let him breathe easily through his mouth. He’s beautiful. He’s gorgeous. And Nathan’s in love with him.
Author’s Note: My Christmas Present for D. My Twin! You’re amazing!

Loves First Light )
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Skinsuits and Swimsuits Series
This is a series featuring Short Track skater JR Celski and Swimmer Nathan Adrian. It spans several years. It covers first kisses, tattoos, break-ups, make-ups, gold medals, and crushing defeats. And  it won't be over for a while. So hold on tight.

(Best if read in the order listed here)

Skinsuits and Swimsuits (NC-17) (5 parts) JR Celski/Nathan Adrian

One Night to Remember (NC-17) (prequel) Nathan Adrian/Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, Bed Hopper Extraordinaire, or Not... (NC-17) (3 parts, prequel) Michael Phelps/Multiple Swimmers

Second Hand Calories (PG-13) JR Celski/Nathan Adrian

Love's First Light (NC-17) JR Celski/Nathan Adrian

WIP - London Olympics - JR Celski/Nathan Adrian taking place in August 2012
WIP - Post Olympics - JR Celski/Nathan Adrian taking place in December 2012
WIP - JR Celski/Nathan Adrian taking place in January 2012
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Title: Glimpse 6: Sleep Deprivation and Champagne
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Apolo/JR
Series: Part of the Decisions, Decisions series.
Summary: With a new baby in the house, JR and Apolo haven’t had very much time to themselves. Jordan and Travis come to the rescue. Sort of.

Sleep Deprivation and Champagne )
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Title: Glimpse 5: Who’s the Daddy?
Rating: PG
Pairing: Apolo/JR
Series: Part of the Decisions, Decisions series.
Summary: Malixi finally asks the one question that JR has been dreading since the day he was born: “Who’s my real dad?”

Who's the Daddy? )
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Title: Glimpse 4: Messy Houses and Sleepy Eyes
Rating: PG
Pairing: JR/Apolo
Series: Part of the Decisions, Decisions series.
Summary: Apolo comes home early and the house is a mess.

Messy Houses and Sleepy Eyes )
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JR and Apolo are sort of meant for each other. This is the story of their relationship. It begins with the build up to Sochi 2014. It's how they got together, stayed together, and then what happened after.

(Best if read in the order listed here)

Story 1: Decisions, Decisions (N-17) (14 parts)
Story 2: Glimpse 1: Preschool Problems (NC-17)
Story 3: Glimpse 2: Something to Talk About (PG-13) (2 parts)
Story 4: Glimpse 3: Skate Skating Skater 1/3 - Separation and Reunion (PG)
Story 4: Glimpse 3: Skate Skating Skater 2/3 - Press Call (PG)
Story 4: Glimpse 3: Skate Skating Skater 3/3 - Ready... Set... Go... (PG)
Story 5: Glimpse 4: Messy Houses and Sleepy Eyes (PG)
Story 6: Glimpse 5: Who's My Daddy? (PG)
Story 7: Glimpse 6: Sleep Deprivation and Champagne (PG-13)
Story 8: Glimpse 7: Tie-Dye and Paisley Print (NC-17)

This series will probably never really be "finished," but as of right now this is all that is planned. This is, however, one of the few series I write where I take input from readers on plot points. So if there's an event you'd like to see happen, feel free to suggest it. No promises it will be added, but that is how Glimpses 4, 5, & 6 came about. So suggest away! :D 


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