Dec. 25th, 2012

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Title: Glimpse 6: Sleep Deprivation and Champagne
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Apolo/JR
Series: Part of the Decisions, Decisions series.
Summary: With a new baby in the house, JR and Apolo haven’t had very much time to themselves. Jordan and Travis come to the rescue. Sort of.

Sleep Deprivation and Champagne )
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Skinsuits and Swimsuits Series
This is a series featuring Short Track skater JR Celski and Swimmer Nathan Adrian. It spans several years. It covers first kisses, tattoos, break-ups, make-ups, gold medals, and crushing defeats. And  it won't be over for a while. So hold on tight.

(Best if read in the order listed here)

Skinsuits and Swimsuits (NC-17) (5 parts) JR Celski/Nathan Adrian

One Night to Remember (NC-17) (prequel) Nathan Adrian/Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, Bed Hopper Extraordinaire, or Not... (NC-17) (3 parts, prequel) Michael Phelps/Multiple Swimmers

Second Hand Calories (PG-13) JR Celski/Nathan Adrian

Love's First Light (NC-17) JR Celski/Nathan Adrian

WIP - London Olympics - JR Celski/Nathan Adrian taking place in August 2012
WIP - Post Olympics - JR Celski/Nathan Adrian taking place in December 2012
WIP - JR Celski/Nathan Adrian taking place in January 2012
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Title: Love's First Light
Pairing: JR Celski/Nathan Adrian
Series: Skinsuits and Swimsuits
Rating: NC-17
Summary: JR’s on his stomach, body curled toward him, sheets pushed down to his waist to expose his whole back. His hair is getting too long, and it’s messy, sticking up in odd angles, thick tuffs clumped together in various directions like some demented cartoon character. His eyes are closed, his brow smooth and flawless, and his lips open just a bit, to let him breathe easily through his mouth. He’s beautiful. He’s gorgeous. And Nathan’s in love with him.
Author’s Note: My Christmas Present for D. My Twin! You’re amazing!

Loves First Light )
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Title: The Secret Santa Shoes
Pairing: Ricky Berens/Ryan Lochte
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ryan gives Ricky a pair of interesting shoes (see picture below the cut) for his Secret Santa present. Enough said.
Author’s Note: Written for missesbean for her Christmas present. Thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration. I wouldn’t write half the things I do if it weren’t for you. Merry Christmas.
Author's Note 2: The shoes that inspired this fic were created by a very talented artist whose work (including the shoes) can be found here.

The Secret Santa Shoes )


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